Focus on results & you will never change, Focus on change & you will get exceptional results

Dawn of Digital, as the name suggests, is a new age digital marketing agency with a unique approach to online marketing.

We prides ourselves on constant innovation as a catalyst for achieving exceptional client results.

We believe that nothing is more important than a results driven marketing service that constantly evolves, grows and improves with the ever changing online landscape that is the internet.

Behind Dawn of Digital is a team of world-class marketing ninjas that have only one goal – helping local & online home improvement businesses increase cashflow and profit using result driven Facebook Ads

To get results that no other agency can, we do the things no other agency does

With so many digital marketing agencies out there it’s no wonder there’s so much confusion, frustration and fear when it comes to selecting the right one.

So what makes us different? Well, like we said earlier – we will do what no other agency does in order to be the North star that businesses so desperately need.

That’s why we made the early decision to completely focus on one niche exclusively – Home improvement.

With a vast array of products and services within the home improvement niche we have become crystal clear on how to create lazer focused results for any business (online or local) that adds value to homes.

Battle tested methods & proven results speak louder than words

We understand that how we are viewed is directly related to the results we achieve and the professionalism and family like approach we adopt with every client we work with.

As an agency dedicated to result driven Facebook marketing in the home improvement niche, we speak your language. We know your pain points, we understand your challenges and we listen to the ones that are new to us.

Our service puts more customers in your back pocket. Period. After all, what other agency do you know of that dedicates 100% of their time, energy & focus to one niche only? We thought so 😉

Our Unique Approach to Result Driven Facebook Ads

Scissors Approach

First and foremost we trim the “marketing fat” by only focusing on Facebook ads as our chosen method for creating the results you desire. We put 100% of our expertise, focus and experience into creating a marketing monster that runs on autopilot.

Jet Speed

Standard on-boarding with agencies can take as much as 45 days. Not with us. We respect you time and like a jet airplane we initiate the perfect blend of speed and comfort by making the on-boarding process a breeze. All it takes is 60-90 minutes of your valuable time in order for us to get everything we need to get started as soon as possible.

Focused Communication

We take you along the journey from where you are to where you want to be and we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Our ad campaign manager is available daily, receive weekly Metric Breakdowns, and finally a monthly performance report call with our CEO.

Endless Flow of High Quality Leads

Wouldn’t it be great to only talk to or deal with prospects that have already shown a big interest in what you have to offer? We agree too, which is why ensure an on-going flow of high quality potential client leads to your product or service. Let us do the heavy lifting while you simply focus on other important areas of your business.


Every month will feel like your birthday when you start to see a consistent return on investment on your advertising spend. Our most important metric (and yours) is ROI. As such, we continue to split test, optimize and improve your winning ads.

You always get the lions share

Ever heard of value based pricing? Most agencies simply charge a fixed fee for their services without ever explaining how they arrived at that figure. We on the other hand, focus on metrics such as the number, conversion and quality of leads we bring in…and then we take the worst share of the deal. It’s no wonder clients love working with us!

A few of our happy clients

Alex – Local Home Improvement Business Owner:

=> 55 leads per month on average
=> 4 new customers in the last 30 days
=> 3000% Return on investment (ROI)

Colin- Online Ecommerce Business Owner:

=> Consistent high quality traffic
=> Constant sales
=> Highly profitable